Paul Orwell
"the lie became truth"

May 2, 2019

Introducing the New Book ‘Total Sh*t Donald Trump’

The latest book by Paul Orwell, author of SAD! Donald ‘Biff’ Trump Is President, will be released on Thursday, May 9, 2019. Total Sh*t Donald Trump is a satirical essay about America’s current president that uses “shit” as a metaphor to describe Trump: the doofus, the dotard, the dog. It will help you satisfy the urge to purge and cope with the pall of that two-hundred-and-sixty-six-pound poser living in The White House whose fetid smell is wafted all day via mass media into your living room, your bedroom, and up your nostrils. It’s a cathartic read that’s as satisfying as a good shit—plus, it takes about the same amount of time. 


• Hundreds of shit phrases of Trumspeak in a “shittery” at the back of the book.
• Types of Trumpshit as graduated on the medical diagnostic Bristol Stool Scale.
• Why many Americans think this guy’s shit doesn’t stink.
• What you can do to help evacuate this shit from the American body.

Paul Orwell is a businessman and writer living in Washington D.C. who believes the Dirty Don is soiling America and that regular Republicans and Democrats have much more in common than Big Media wants them to believe. He fervently hopes that once the Trumpster fire has been extinguished, America can heal again.